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From: Ariela Sofer <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:01:29 -0400
Subject: In Memoriam: Garth P. McCormick

Garth P. McCormick, 72, a preeminent leader in the field of mathematical
optimization, and retired professor at George Washington University, died
August 24 at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. He had metastatic cancer.

He was a Professor of Applied Science in the Department of Operations Research
at George Washington University, where he began teaching in 1971. Professor
McCormick’s specialty was nonlinear programming and optimization. He
published scores of research articles and authored or co-authored three books
in the field. After suffering a major stroke in 1992, he battled to regain
his mathematical capabilities and even performed some research, but eventually
he went on disability and retired as Emeritus Professor in 1996.

In 1968, with Anthony Fiacco, he authored "Nonlinear Programming: Sequential
Unconstrained Minimization Techniques," a groundbreaking book in optimization.
The book was awarded the Lanchester Prize in Operations Research in 1968 and
was reissued in 1990 as part of the Society for Industrial and Applied
Mathematics (SIAM) Classics in Applied Mathematics series. The book opened up
important research areas in applied mathematics and was the seminal work in
interior point methods for linear and nonlinear programming. In the period
since the publication of this work, thousands of technical papers have been
published extending and expanding the central ideas of the book. The
techniques developed from this research have been used in applications as
diverse as airline crew scheduling, electric power generation, design of
telescopes to search for planets circling distant stars, microwave antenna
design, determining economic equilibria, and analysis of complex strategies
for auctions. This book was followed by the book "Selected Applications of
Nonlinear Programming," with Jerome Bracken, also published in 1968, and the
textbook "Nonlinear Programming: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications"
published in 1983. Professor McCormick also developed the theory and
methodology of factorable programming which was influential in development of
algorithms for computing derivatives of mathematical functions on computers.

Professor McCormick was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and attended Oberlin
College on a full four-year tuition scholarship, graduating in 1956. After
serving in the army for two years, he received an M.A. in mathematics from the
University of Michigan in 1959. In 1960 he joined the Research Analysis
Corporation (RAC) in McLean, Virginia. He also taught at the University of
Wisconsin in Madison from 1969 until 1971. After he began his career at GW in
1971, he consulted for many business and government organizations, including
the Department of Energy and the National Institute of Standards and
Technology. In addition to his research and consulting, he directed several
doctoral dissertations at GW.

Before he suffered the stroke, he was a dedicated tennis player and runner. He
organized July 4th tennis tournaments and led neighborhood caroling at
Christmastime. He was a member of the Cosmos Club from 1973 until 2004.
Survivors include his wife of 48 years, Virginia S. McCormick, four children
and three grandchildren.

The family mailing address is

Virginia McCormick
3700 Raymond Street
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


From: Mihai Anitescu <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 16:22:24 -0400
Subject: Emil Constantinescu is Wilkinson Fellow

Emil Constantinescu has received the 2008 Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific
Computing, one of the world’s most prestigious postdoctoral fellowships in
computational mathematics. He will join the Mathematics and Computer Science
Division at Argonne National Laboratory in August.

Constantinescu received his doctoral degree in numerical analysis and
scientific computing from Virginia Tech in 2008. For his thesis, he created
multirate discretization methods for problems involving time-dependent partial
differential equations. These problems are challenging because different
scales or physical processes require different computational approaches.
Traditional spatial mesh refinement methods used to handle such problems have
been hampered by the fact that the time evolving algorithms had to be reduced
to accommodate the finest grid resolution. Constantinescu’s innovative
multirate methods enable large-scale computations to treat each scale with its
appropriate time stepping algorithm, thus significantly reducing the
simulation time while preserving consistency, stability, and conservation
properties. The methods have been applied successfully to a large-scale,
state-of-the-art atmospheric model, one of the first dynamically adaptive grid
studies in air quality resolution.

Constantinescu has also developed ensemble Kalman filtering techniques for
chemical data assimilation and has demonstrated the power of these techniques
in real-life atmospheric simulations over Asia and the United States. This
work has generated considerable interest in the scientific community, with the
results reported in two articles in the prestigious Quarterly Journal of the
Royal Meteorological Society. Constantinescu completed an internship at
Argonne in 2006 as a Givens Associate.

The search committee noted the breadth and depth of Constantinescu’s knowledge
in computational science, his strong background in mathematics and numerical
analysis, and his creative problem-solving skills. Constantinescu has already
published 11 articles in refereed journals and refereed conference
proceedings, and he was first author of seven of these – an outstanding record
for a scientist at the start of his career.

The Wilkinson Fellowship was created at Argonne in 1988 in honor of the late
James Hardy Wilkinson, noted computational mathematician and Fellow of the
Royal Society. The fellowship, renewable for a second year, is intended to
encourage young scientists actively engaged in state-of-the-art research in
scientific computing.


From: "J. M. Littleton" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 15:16:48 -0400
Subject: 2009 SIAM Prizes - Open Calls for Nominations

The following SIAM prizes will be awarded in 2009 and currently have
open calls for nominations. Calls for nominations for these and other
SIAM prizes can be found at

Nominations due September 30
To be awarded at the SIAM Conference on CS&E (CSE09), March 2-6, 2009

Nominations due October 15
To be awarded at SciCADE09, May 25-29, 2009

Four to be awarded at the SIAM Annual Meeting (AN09), July 6-10, 2009:

Nominations due November 1

Nominations due November 1

Nominations due November 1

Nominations due November 15

Please address inquiries to:
J. M. Littleton
Phone: +1-215-382-9800 ext. 303
Fax: +1-215-386-7999


From: "Yuri M. Laevsky" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 23:04:41 -0400
Subject: New efficient ODE solvers are available

New software for solving systems of ordinary differential equations, the
Intel® Ordinary Differential Equation Solver Library, is posted on The package contains solvers which use explicit and
implicit methods as well as mixed solvers for stiff, non-stiff and problems
of variable stiffness. For advanced users, the solvers have a set of
configurable parameters that allow experienced users to tune the algorithms
for both better accuracy and performance. The libraries are available for
Windows* and Linux* on most IA processors (including Itanium®.)

Free versions of the Intel® ODE Solver Library can be downloaded from , or from


From: Daniel B Szyld <>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 11:50:45 -0400
Subject: Schedule for meeting on Fast Algorithms (and DD), NYU, Sep 2008

The schedule of talks for the meeting "Fast Algorithms for Scientific
Computing", A Symposium in Honor of Olof B. Widlund on the Occasion of His
70th Birthday, 19-20 September 2008, Courant Institute, New York
University, New York, has been posted on the website at

There is no registration fee, but if you plan to attend, please do
register at the same website.

Daniel B. Szyld


From: "Sanja Lazarova-Molnar" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 18:04:23 +0400
Subject: IEEE/Innovations 2008, Paper submission extended, Dec 2008

Dear Colleagues,

As requested by many potential authors, the paper submission deadline of
IEEE/Innovations 2008 is extended by TWO more weeks. Therefore, please
spread the word and inform your colleagues, students and research fellows
about the approaching deadline, to assure a high number of paper submissions
and a high quality and successful conference.

IEEE/Innovations 2008
5th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology
December 16-18, 2008
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Conference website:

Innovations in Information Technology (Innovations'08), is a premier Forum
for the presentation and discussion of technology advances and research
results in the field of Information Technology (IT). Held for the first time
in the oasis city of Al Ain, the fourth largest city in the United Arab
Emirates (UAE), Innovations '08 is the fifth in the series that has been
held in Dubai since 2004. The latest research advances in fields ranging
from traditional computer science to evolving web technologies,
bioinformatics and healthcare informatics are explored in Innovations'
technical sessions.

Innovations'08 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communication Society.
Accepted papers will be published by IEEE and fully indexed in IEEEXplore.

Paper and poster submissions due: September 15, 2008
Notification of acceptance: October 15, 2008
Final camera ready paper due: November 3, 2008


From: Mitch Chernoff <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:37:44 -0400
Subject: Call for Papers, MMS Special Issue on Multiscale Modeling of Materials

We are pleased to announce a Special Issue of SIAM’s Multiscale Modeling and
Simulation (MMS) journal, with the theme “Multiscale Materials Modeling.” The
Special Issue is intended to document some key advances in multiscale modeling
of materials and shed some light on future directions of this important field.
Contributions bringing about novel multiscale modeling approaches and new
perspectives in the field are highly encouraged. The Special Issue emphasizes
a number of important topics, including, but not limited to, quantum and
classical materials simulation approaches, atomistic-to-continuum connection
formalisms, continuum models of discrete systems, and modeling across length
and time scales. The successful contributions are expected to have a strong
multiscale modeling flavor and to emphasize equally the materials science, the
mathematical modeling approach, as well as the computational algorithms.

In order to be considered for this Special Issue, contributions must be
submitted within the time window of:

December 1-31, 2008

All interested should submit a manuscript and cover letter in PDF format via
the MMS online submission site at Include a statement in
the cover letter requesting the paper be considered for the Special Issue on
Multiscale Materials Modeling. Note the block labeled Special Section (just
under the keywords block on your submission screen) and select “Special Issue
on Multiscale Materials Modeling” from the dropdown box. Also be sure to note
in the Manuscript Comment text box at the bottom of that page that your work
is intended for the Multiscale Materials Modeling Special Issue. Papers will
be subject to peer review.

Guest Editors:

Anter El-Azab - Department of Scientific Computing & Materials Science
Program, Florida State University

Max Gunzburger - Department of Scientific Computing, Florida State University

Sydney Yip - Nuclear Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering
Departments, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


From: "Bao Weizhu" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 10:30:48 +0800
Subject: Tenure-Track/Tenured Positions, Comp Math, Natl Univ of Singapore

The Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore
(NUS) invites applications for tenured, tenure-track and visiting
(including post-doctoral) positions at all levels, beginning in August

NUS is a research intensive university that provides quality
undergraduate and graduate education. The Department of Mathematics,
which is one of the largest in the university, has about 70 faculty
members and teaching staff whose expertise cover major areas of
contemporary mathematical research.

We seek promising scholars and established mathematicians with
outstanding track records in any field of pure and applied
mathematics. The Department offers internationally competitive
salaries with start-up grants for research. The teaching load is
particularly light for young scholars, in an environment conducive to
research with ample opportunities for career development.

The Department is particularly interested in, but not restricted to
considering, applicants specializing in any of the following areas:
Computational Biology, Medical Imaging, Computational Materials
Science and Nanoscience, Geometric Analysis, Algebraic Geometry,
Number Theory and Automorphic Forms, and Probability.

Application materials should be sent to Search Committee via email (as
PDF files) to Please include the following
supporting documentation in the application:

1. an American Mathematical Society Standard Cover Sheet;
2. a detailed CV including publications list;
3. a statement (max. of 3 pages) of research accomplishments and plan;
4. a statement (max. of 2 pages) of teaching philosophy and methodology.
Please attach evaluation on teaching from faculty members or students
of your current institution, where applicable;
5. at least three letters of recommendation including one which
indicates the candidate's effectiveness and commitment in teaching.
Please ask your referees to send their letters directly to

Enquires may also be sent to this email address.

Review process will begin on 15 October, and will continue until
positions are filled.

For further information about the department, please visit


From: Thomas Wanner <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:27:31 -0400
Subject: Max and Rose Lorie Memorial Professorship at George Mason University

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at George Mason University invites
applications for its endowed Max and Rose Lorie Memorial Professorship
beginning fall 2009. Applicants should be mid-career or senior and have
outstanding research credentials compatible with disciplines in the
department. The position is a tenure or tenure track appointment and will
carry the title of endowed professor for the first three years.

Applicants are asked to apply online at position number
F9179Z and submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae and at least three
letters of recommendation. These may also be submitted to: Endowed Search
Committee, Department of Mathematical Sciences, MSN 3F2, George Mason
University, Fairfax, VA 22030. Completed applications should be received by
Nov. 14, 2008 for full consideration. AA/EOE.

For more information about the position or institution/company:

Deadline for Applications: November 14, 2008


From: Rob Womersley <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 10:36:13 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Positions at UNSW, Sydney

The School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of
New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, has Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
positions available in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

For more details see

Applied Mathematics


Applications close 7 October 2008.


From: Axel Ruhe <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:57:51 +0200
Subject: Dahlquist Postdoctoral Fellowship 2009, apply by Nov 15!

The The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm announces the
Dahlquist Postdoctoral Fellowship, named in honor of professor Germund
Dahlquist, its pioneer in numerical analysis.

Time to apply – not later than November 15,2008!

The fellowship shall be awarded to a young promising numerical analyst, who:

• is no more than 40 years of age
• has a PhD dissertation more recent than 5 years
• speaks English

The award will be for full time research at KTH in numerical analysis
and will carry special recognition at the School of Computer Science and
Communication. The recipient is encouraged to pursue her or his own
research interests. The Fellow is provided with office and computer
facilities within the department of Numerical Analysis at KTH throughout
the award period. The award period is one year, and can be extended for
another year.

For information and application form, see the web page

This fellowship is financed by COMSOL, a company started by two students
of Germund Dahlquist, and KTH.


From: Sven Leyffer <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 17:08:25 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory

Postdoc Next-Generation Solvers for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programs

The Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division at Argonne National
Laboratory invites outstanding candidates to apply for a postdoctoral
position focusing on Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP). The
successful candidate will work on a joint project with the University of
Wisconsin - Madison.

Candidates should have a background in one or more of the following:
optimization, numerical analysis, linear algebra, scientific computing,
and C/C++. Experience with integer or nonlinear optimization techniques
and modeling languages such as AMPL and GAMS is a plus.

Candidates should submit an application via the Argonne website under
division postdoctoral job openings for job requisition MCS-313702. The
application must include a curriculum vitae; list of publications,
abstracts, and significant presentations; and the names of three
references. For further information about postdocs at Argonne, see website. Questions
can be addressed to Sven Leyffer, or Todd Munson, MCS Division, by e-mail
to or


From: Axel Ruhe <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:56:37 +0200
Subject: Contents, BIT 48:2

Volume 48 No. 2 June 2008

STENBERG / Perspectives in Numerical Analysis 2008 163

function and its application to microscale problems 167

and a-posteriori error analysis for a family of Reissner–Mindlin plate
elements 189

V. GRIMM, M. HOCHBRUCK / Rational approximation to trigonometric
operators 215

E. HAIRER, R. I. MCLACHLAN, and A. RAZAKARIVONY / Brouwer's law with
implicit Runge-Kutta methods Achieving 231

Source supports in electrostatics 245

hybrid methods for the chemical master equation 265

JOHAN HOFFMAN, CLAES JOHNSON / Blow up of incompressible Euler
solu­tions 285

R. BRUCE KELLOGG, MARTIN STYNES / Layers and corner singularities in
singularly perturbed elliptic problems 309

A. PEDAS, G. VAINIKKO / What is the complexity of periodic weakly
singular integral equations? 315

J. POHJANPELTO / Reduction of exterior differential systems with in.nite
dimen­sional symmetry groups 337

Anisotropic adaptive mesh procedure for computing very thin hyperbolic
shells 357

discretizations for the Stokes equation 389

J. TUOMELA / Kinematic analysis of multibody systems 405


From: Chi-Wang Shu <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 23:02:41 -0400
Subject: Contents, Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing

Volume 36, Number 3, September 2008

Numerically Neither Dissipative Nor Compressive Scheme for Linear
Advection Equation and Its Application to the Euler System
Hongxia Li, Zhigang Wang and De-kang Mao, pp.285-331.

Computing Derivatives of Noisy Signals Using Orthogonal Functions
Adi Ditkowski, Abhinav Bhandari and Brian W. Sheldon, pp.333-349.

A Legendre Pseudospectral Penalty Scheme for Solving Time-Domain
Maxwell's Equations
Chun-Hao Teng, Bang-Yan Lin, Hung-Chun Chang, Hei-Chen Hsu,
Chien-Nan Lin and Ko-An Feng, pp.351-390.

Substructuring Preconditioners for Mortar Discretization of a
Degenerate Evolution Problem
Micol Pennacchio and Valeria Simoncini, pp.391-419.

Robustness of a Spline Element Method with Constraints
Gerard Awanou, pp.421-432.


From: "LAI, Choi-Hong" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 11:18:38 +0100
Subject: Contents, V2 (3) Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology

Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology
Multi-Science Publishing
ISSN 1748-3018

Volume 2 · Number 3

Study on near-optimal path finding strategies in a road network
SHI Jun, LI Jian-Yuan, CAO Han, WANG Xi-Li ...................... 319

An iterative method for solving a class of partial differential
equations with variable coefficients
Yulan Wang ...................................................... 335

Multiscale edge extraction using the fuzzy rules
Ruihua Lu, Ming Yang ............................................ 349

Numerical solutions of two forms of Blasius equation on a half-infinite
Vedat Suat Erturk, Shaher Momani ............................... 359

On homotopy perturbation and variational iteration methods for linear
and nonlinear heat transfer equations
D. D. Ganji, A. R. Rezania, A. R. Ghorbali ...................... 371

Towards dynamic integration, scheduling and rescheduling of scientific
Lei Yu, Frederic Magoules ....................................... 391

The dynamic priority based scheduling algorithm for hard real-time
heterogeneous CMP application
Man Wang, Zhihui Du, Zhiqiang Liu, Song Hao ..................... 409

Distributed computing techniques for wireless messaging systems
B. Makoond, S. Khaddaj, C. C. Ong, r. Oudrhiri, M. Tunnicliffe .. 429

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