NA Digest Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Volume 15 : Issue 23

Today's Editor:
Daniel M. Dunlavy
Sandia National Labs

Submissions for NA Digest:


From: Frank Uhlig
Date: June 04, 2015
Subject: John Francis to receive Honorary Degree

John Francis is to receive an Honorary Doctor of Science degree for
his achievements in Numerical Analysis from the University of Sussex
in Brighton, England this summer. The ceremony will take place at the
Brighton Dome on Thursday July 16, 2015 at 10 am during Summer
Graduation exercises.

John is being honored for (co-)inventing the QR algorithm and also for
the Implicit Q Theorem 55 years ago that simplified eigenvalue
computations tremendously. This is his second academic degree after
receiving his first, a Bachelor of Science from the Open University in

For a short biography and the history of how John was found after 5
decades of oblivision, see G. Golub and F. Uhlig:

"The QR algorithm: 50 years later; its genesis by John Francis and
Vera Kublanovskaya, and subsequent developments", IMA J. Num. Anal.,
vol. 29 (2009), p. 467-485.

And also F. Uhlig : "Finding John Francis who found QR fifty years
ago", IMAGE Bull. Int. Lin. Alg. Soc., 43 (2009), p. 19-21.


From: Klaus Truemper
Date: June 05, 2015
Subject: Leibniz System Software

After a development and programming effort spanning 25 years, the
entire Leibniz System software is ready for distribution. It is
available from

The software covers
- logic computation, including solution of quantified propositional
- computation of separating logic formulas
- discretization of continuous data
- subgroup discovery
- dimension reduction of models
- decomposition of graphs and matrices
- parallelized algorithm for solution of multiobjective optimization
problems where function and constraint values are computed by black

The software runs under Linux and has been tested on CentOS and
Ubuntu, and most likely will run on systems derived from CentOS or
Ubuntu, such as Debian.

The software is distributed in source code form free of charge under
the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which seems to be the
most flexible license arrangement and allows for commercial usage,
including insertion into other commercial code.


From: Prof. Klemens Fellner
Date: June 10, 2015
Subject: Professor Position, Stochastics, Univ Graz

Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing is filling an

Professor (f/m) of Stochastics

(40 hours a week; permanent employment according to the Austrian Law
on Salaried Employment (AngG); Expected starting date June 1st 2016)

For more information follow the link:


From: ke chen
Date: June 05, 2015
Subject: Lecturer Positions, Applied Mathematics, UK, Jun 2015

We are seeking to appoint Lecturers (assistant professors) in the
areas of

- Applied Mathematics (including imaging, multi-scale modelling)
- Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

as the initial stage of a large investment programme into Mathematical
Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

Details can be found from

Note the deadline of Fri, 03 Jul 2015 17:00 BST.


From: Olav Reksen
Date: June 08, 2015
Subject: Postdoc Position, Mathematics/Biostatistics/Epidemiology

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) currently has a
three- year 100 % position as Post-doctoral research fellow within
surveillance and prediction of reproductive performance and health
parameters in cattle. The position is located at the Department of
Production Animal Clinical Sciences, at the Faculty of Veterinary
Medicine and Biosciences.

for more information.


From: Christian Vergara
Date: June 05, 2015
Subject: Postdoc Position, Numerical modeling of the electro-mechanics of the heart

Profile: Possible candidates should have a PhD in applied mathematics
or related subjects, as well as a consolidated knowledge in the field
of numerical analysis of PDEs, finite elements and C++ programming.

Where: MOX, Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano

Brief description: The study of the coupling between electrical and
mechanical activity in the heart is very important for several
clinical applications and poses numerous modelling and computational
challenges. We are looking for a person with a PhD in applied
mathematics or related fields with experience on numerical methods for
PDEs, numerical analysis and scientific computing. The applicant will
join a group at the MOX Laboratory well renown for the mathematical
and numerical modelling of the cardiovascular system. More information
on the group and on the MOX Lab may be found at
htttp:// and

For more information about the position please contact or


From: Gerlind Plonka-Hoch
Date: June 05, 2015
Subject: PhD/Postdoc Positions, Discovering Structure in Complex Data

The Research Training Group RTG 2088 "Discovering Structure in Complex
Data: Statistics meets Optimization and Inverse Problems" (Speaker:
Prof. Gerlind Plonka-Hoch) at the Georg- August-University Göttingen
offers positions for

13 Ph.D. candidates and one PostDoc

beginning on October 1st, 2015. The salary is in accordance with the
German public service salary scale (E13 TV-L) with 75 % of the regular
working hours (currently 29.85 hours per week) for up to three years
for the PhD candidates and 100 % (E13 TVL) for two years for the

The research projects in this RTG focus on new mathematical concepts
for the efficient reconstruction and classification of relevant
structural information in data sets, without reconstructing the entire
information inherent in the data. One f the guiding principles of this
RTG consists of discovering and rigorously exloiting structural a
priori information in order to obtain the desired information.
Methodologically, specific emphasis will be laid upon the interplay
between approaches in statistics, optimization, and inverse problems.
Detailed information on the application process and the research
projects are available at

Closing date is the 30th of June, 2015.


From: Ani Anciaux-Sedrakian
Date: June 08, 2015
Subject: PhD Position, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, France

A position as research fellow (PhD candidate) in computer science and
applied mathematics is available at IFPEN Rueil Malmaison (FRANCE) .

The full announcement for the position can be found at:
(English version)
(French version)

The position is open for three years starting october 1st 2015.
Candidates should have a university master degree in HPC or numerical

For more information about the position or send CV, grades of the last
two years and two reference letters please contact, or


From: Luca Heltai (MHPC Director)
Date: June 04, 2015
Subject: Master in High Performance Computing @ SISSA/ICTP

Applications to the Master in High Performance Computing organized by
SISSA and ICTP are opened. Several fellowships are available. Deadline
is July 6 2015.

A full description of the master together with the application
procedure can be found at

The Master in High Performance Computing (MHPC) hosted and organized
by SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) and ICTP (Abdus
Salam International center for theoretical physics) is an innovative
degree program devoted to training students in the booming field of
HPC. SISSA and ICTP are well known first rank institutions in applied
and theoretical mathematics and physics. The the mutual effort pursued
by the two institutions results in a stimulating and motivating
environment. The program combines lectures with hands-on
tutorials. Tutorial sessions are strongly application oriented. A
final thesis defence completes the program. During the thesis
development, students collaborate with both industrial and academic
personnel, addressing frontier applications of HPC.

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